design work

at all levels in the field of geotechnical engineering

  • rock slopes of any size, height and type of funding
  • soil slopes of any size, height and type of funding
  • retaining structures of all types
  • embankments and mechanical stabilized constructions
  • static security of pits, notches and landslides
  • statically demanding foundation structures
  • treatment budgets

mining activity

mining designer

  • securing of old mine workings
  • access to old mine workings
  • design of stoles and tunnels

geological work

  • engineering-geological survey of all phases
  • hydrogeological investigation for drilled wells
  • balance of groundwater

surveying activities

  • tacheometric measurement of project activity in inaccessible terrain
  • laser scanning the ground and from the air (drone)
  • mine-surveying documentation of underground space

construction supervision

  • technical or geotechnical supervision in accordance with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Transport
  • supervision of the designer

special activities

  • expertise slope stability
  • rock fall simulations
  • numerical modeling of groundwater flow
  • very precise measurements of the movement of rock blocks and buildings
  • loading test of rod anchors, nails and bolts
  • work at heights and over free depth
  • survey cramped underground space
  • numerical modeling